How to Pronounce 'BELATED' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word "belated". This word refers to something that happened later than it should have. A common use of the word is in the following phrase "Happy belated birthday," used by people who wish someone a happy birthday after the actual birthday. Synonyms for belated include late and overdue.

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In this unit we had a general introduction to the course and now know what to expect in each unit. The terminology was quite useful since there are a lot of different terms that are still unfamiliar to me. The information about the maximum hour and wages was also really interesnting to know.This unit was a good reminder of how important and helpful these materials are/can be in the classroom. When used as a help and not the source (or rather the focus) of teaching, they can be very beneficial indeed. Any of these resources, when used the right way can truly benefit a classroom.i have learned the various forms of past tenses,how it was formed,their structure,the uses,and how to identify each one of them by the given examples,and also I learned some of the teaching ideas.It seems complicated,I need more time to practice and to understand for more effective teaching.