How to Pronounce 'BELLWETHER' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word "bellwether". This word is a noun and describes someone who takes the lead and sets trends. A long time ago, shepherds hung a bell around the neck of one sheep of its flock designating it the leader. Therefore, bellwether is a combination of the words "bell" and "wether", a male sheep that has been castrated.

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This unit was explained really well. I enjoyed reading. I learned from reading it about conditional and reported speech, which is a very important subject. I learned about the different conditions of using if. I like this unit a lot, It was one of the best unit in the whole course.As the title implies, The Unit is on the diferent types of teachers, teaching methods and roles, and also the types of students and their methods. I goes into detail about what kind of methods are available for teaching as well as describing the difrent aspects of the the students.Unit 5, was a bit light. There was not enough deeper knowledge of managing classes. More the typical that everybody knows but is not always the correct one in reality. Unfortunately, this is the truth since I work as an English teacher but It was a nice refresher however a ok unit.