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This unit covered the different tenses used in the English language. There are three different tenses, past, present, and future, all of which have 4 forms each, thus making it twelve different tenses in total. The present tense covered in this unit deals with the simple present (I go to the movies on Fridays), which is used for routine habits, facts, etc. Next comes the present continuous (or progressive), which is used for actions taking place at this very moment, or things that are done generally in the present (I am reading a good book; I am doing my homework). The present perfect (I have eaten vegetables today) is used when an action that has taken place in the past still is relevant for the present. The present perfect continuous (I have been cleaning my room all day) is more concerned with the action that has taken place rather than the outcome of the action. Also, the action is more likely to still be taking place, and to not have been completed as is the case with the present perfect.