How to Pronounce 'BICOASTAL' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, Linda takes on the pronunciation of the word "bicoastal". Enjoy the episode!

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This unit has helped me to see better how big an impact a teacher has on the students. Teaching is not only relaying the subject matter but more about the connection between the teacher and students. The unit has helped me consider the social placement of the learners and how to adapt to it.This unit was a more complex unit than previous units. The teaching ideas were very usual as I feel that this will a challenging concept to teach. I think it would be useful to have references to concepts that we have learnt in past units, such as verb tenses, when answering these questions.What I learned from unit 1 is that a teacher plays many roles and teachers should be teachable, adaptable, and patient when teaching students. I have also learned that students have different skill levels and the teacher needs to be adaptable and challenge the students based on their needs.