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From this unit I have learned about general theories about learning and development from infancy to full maturation, how to teach language in L1 and L2, how to use different approaches in teaching process, what is process of maturation and how to adopt teaching methods to the changes that take place. There are 4 major groups that emerge when looking at learning and behavior theories: 1. maturation theory 2. environmental theory 3. constructivism 4. cognitivism In this course in will refer to the students first (native) language as L1, and to the language they are learning L2, split our young learners into 2 groups: from 5 to 9 and from 9 to 13 and think about what these group like and dislike. I have read about the most suitable methodology for every of these group. Also teacher should organize classroom arrange. The role of a teacher will vary at different times depending upon the activity.