How to Pronounce 'CAPTIOUS'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word captious. This word describes a person who likes to point out flaws and errors and enjoys raising objections to other people's statements or opinions. Common synonyms for captious can be critical, faultfinding, and judgmental.

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Unit 3 covers teaching techniques and classroom activities that can help to make lessons more interesting and productive.part of the methodology are task based learning,communicative language learning and teaching.I learnt about the ideas for activate phase and ways to correct writingWith this unit you can create a really nice and productive study plan. One that can interest you students, keep they attention and they desire in learn every time more about the English language. You can use a lot of tools in class, that is listed in this unit, different kind of gamesI will likely teach at a high school in Japan, so the students will be an existing group. They will all have knowledge of the Japanese language, so there is the potential for them to assist each other. I already know some Japanese, though it would not be acceptable for me to use it.