TESOL Kuala Lumpur

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S.F & S.H – Canada said:
Other two basic language skills have been mentioned in this unit, speaking and listening. As a non-native English speaker I totally understand how much students want to improve their speaking ability. Language as a communication tool, it allows us to express ourselves, present ourselves. I believe for all language learners they study one new language not only for understand it in the paper. All of them wish to acquire speaking ability to talk fluently with others. As a teacher it's our responsibility to encourage students to open their mouse, be brave to make mistakes and practice speaking skill. Also for some students who want to study aboard or work aboard, writing skill is required as well. Can speak well does not mean can write well, they are not necessarily equivalent. If we really want to be an English expert we need ourselves to be good at all four skills. As a teacher we also need to let students realize each of their function and importance. Another thing that I gain from this unit's study is I am not really a person who is good at developing various kinds of games to make the class more interesting. With the games attached in this unit, I will practice more on that.