How to Pronounce 'DETER' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word deter. This word is used as a verb and means to discourage someone from doing something, usually using doubt or fear. Synonyms for deter include prevent, stop and avert. The word comes from Latin 'deterrere', a word formed with de- ‘away from’ and terrere ‘frighten'.

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The second unit of this course overs the roles and qualities teachers and learners have.We also learn about how to teach adults and the different type of business English learners and the best way in which to teach them.As well as and overview of the different teaching methodologies.I've learned that teaching differs for many cultures. Not be belligerent but supportive and highly understanding. There are some difficulties that's to be expected but a good teacher always knows how to handle the situation properly and this helped me start my understandings of that.Hi was very good because of the practice that you need to have to get it right . i try to tractice this allot before treaching it to my students, they need to learn this very wel. I can undestand why its dificilt to student, even people that know the languaje whit find it difficult.