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A.B. – Japan said:
One word. Grammar. english grammar is ridiculously complicated and this course opened the door a little bit into the world of grammar for me. Teaching grammar is not my strong suite, as my lesson plans over the course reflected. I think part of this is because thus far, I have not been asked by my employers to teach grammar. I am much better/stronger in teaching vocabulary, writing, speaking, etc. Pretty much everything BUT grammar. Not being asked to teach grammar has been just fine with me, because frankly, I hate grammar. I feel english is more than just a language, it is also a living organism, and it changes over time. Granted, even living organisms have a basic structure, but I prefer not to study structures. My university degree is in social science, not science science. With that being said, this course has made me realize how far out of my comfort zone teaching grammar truly is. As a result, I think it would be good for me, personally and professionally, to take a stab now and again at teaching grammar. The basics of grammar that I learned in this course will help me in this endeavor.