How to Pronounce 'ELOQUENT' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word eloquent. This word means a person who is fluent and also persuasive in both speaking or writing. It can also refer to the action of clearly indication or expressing something. The word comes from Latin eloqui meaning to speak out.

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Very beneficial to remind myself of parts of speech such as countable & uncountable nouns, transitive & intransitive verbs, conjunctions, plus definite & indefinite articles, adverbs etc. Also it was interesting to see the order in which the adjectives were put when describing a sign.I learnt some teaching methods that will help me improve myself as a person and also my student i learnt when teachıng one should not just focus on correcting an error but also making sure that each student naturally adapts to the teaching methods and should be welling to learn .I have learnt the different past tense. I am familiar with past tense, never understood why we would use certain words. For example, when talking about past continuous never knew you were suppose to use was/were then the verb. I have also learned the usage of the different past tense.