How to Pronounce 'GOURMAND' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word gourmand. This word refers to a person who enjoys eating. The word found its way into the English language from the French language.

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This unit was about different teaching methods and techniques. There is a lot of useful examples on each method for better understanding. Also now i have an idea on how to build a lesson and can practice at home. For a person that never taught before, i find this unit really helpful.Really great Unit havent looked at the rules for a long time, really helpful that i could read thru all those again. Some are still hard for me but i feel confident doing those question. I still need a lot to learn about each rules but im defently gonna have a look at each one again.This was a good introductory lesson to the course. It taught me what is expected in this course and also gave me a thorough introduction on what to expect in this course. I have previously taught in many business settings and find that what is written in this lesson is very accurate.