How to Pronounce 'INGENUOUS' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word "ingenuous". This word refers to an innocent or unsuspecting person or situation. Synonyms of ingenuous include naive, innocent and simple. The origin of the word is from the Latin word "ingenuus" meaning native or freeborn.

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The overview of this units contents explains and teaches, the use of different E.S.A structures and how to use the vocabulary and grammatical games to teach the students while having fun, but still keeping to the seriousness of the lesson. Which I think would be an excellent lesson to teach.This unit is basically about teachers and learners.Their characteristics and aims.A good teacher should make the lesson varied and interesting.This will in turn motivate the students to learn in a relaxed environment.A good teacher should be easy going,charismatic as well as self conscious.At this stage, the students have to know how to pronounce the words, accuracy, fluency, there writing skills. The students have to write, speak, in there own fairy world. PRACTICE THE NEW using objects. I as the teacher have to prepare myself for the class, with pictures, etc.