TESOL Certification Guaruja Brazil

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In this unit we looked further into the usage of future tenses. I still find past, present and future tenses hard to explain but easy to use. I find the terminology to be rather difficult and it is something I will be continuing on studying after these units. I do see the benefit to have different terminology for each tense and the usage for each one to allow a more concrete understanding of each one and the ways that they are used.The last time I learned about parts of speech, must have been 15 years ago. The knowledge was quite rusty, but this lesson refreshed my brain. I will explain it to me friends (if someone's up for it), I think that will help me to understand it even better. The video lesson was ok, the examples were clear, but all-in-all, it could have been a bit more engaging. Also, I would like to have an answer sheet for the tasks in the material.

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