How to Pronounce 'KISMET' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word kismet. This word is a noun and means fate or destiny. The word comes from Arabic ?ismat meaning 'division'.

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Tenses are usually difficult for learners, and this unit helps to refresh the memory about Past tenses, like: Past Simple, Past Continious, Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continious. The most useful point about it is written common mistakes of students and the way of thier correcting.This unit gives clear explanations of the various structure and usage of future tense. It also gives clear ideas for constructive teaching activities to teach during various stages. This future tense unit has given me a well rounded understanding of this area of the English Language.Equipment and teaching aids. In this unit, different teaching aids that a teacher can use, and how he or she can use them for an effective and successful lesson are outlined. The unit also mention some technologies that can be of help to the teacher, as well as a couple of web sites.