How to Pronounce 'NONAGE'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word nonage. This word refers to the period of youth of a person as well as the lack of maturity of a person. Synonyms for nonage are minority and infancy.

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This Unit was so much fun! The two videos showing two totally different classroom structures. The positive and negatives of each. The videos helped me to really see a classroom in session and how you as the teacher plays such a huge role in being an effective, engaged English teacher.Using a variety of teaching equipment can ensure that the lessons remain fun and engaging. By using a variety of tools it will keep our learners motivated and interested in our lesson. I love how we have been provided with a variety of websites and i cant wait to look at them further.This chapter covered the different types of conditionals and forms of reported speech, and how they are used. I learnt how to differentiate them more clearly and gained a better understanding of how to change forms when switching between reported sentences and direct speech sentences.