How to Pronounce 'VARIETY' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word variety. This word is used as a noun and describes a state of being different or diverse. The words diversity and variation can be used as synonyms for variety. The word comes from the Latin word varietas.

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In this unit we have an understadning on how the skills are rated and which ones are the most useful.the reading and the listening e both tend to do less in the classroom. As for the listening areas in which students have the most difficult I tend to need to do more in the classroom.This unit was very short and could possibly be include in a previous unit. I learned about different types of tests, but it was very brief. I also feel like I already knew most of the material just because of public school and college. Perhaps expand or include it in another unit?This unit goes over the various future tenses as well as present simple and present continuous tenses. I feel I have learned a little bit more about future tenses. In each sections it gives you a brief idea of the tenses as well as usages and tools for teaching them to your students.