Lifetime Job Assistance

For many people who are considering taking a TESOL certification course in order to head overseas and teach English, finding a suitable job that pays well and offers a good working environment is one of the biggest concerns. Luckily, the demand for qualified teachers is very high in many countries so the vast majority of course graduates who are serious about starting a new career in the classroom should have little trouble finding that all important first job. In order to make this process even more straightforward and to ensure our graduates avoid any of the pitfalls that can sometimes be found when job hunting in any field, ITTT provides every individual course graduate with an extensive job assistance service that is available for as long as you remain an English language teacher.

Employer Database and Exclusive Job Leads

Our job assistance program has many areas that you might find useful when looking for and applying for teaching jobs. Due to our long history of providing certification over a number of years, we can offer you access to a unique database of potential employers. Our database is continuingly growing with respectable employers who are always on the lookout for graduates of our courses as they know and respect the quality of our training. The database contains employers of all shapes and sizes, from countries right across the world. We also receive a large amount of job opportunities sent to us directly by employers before they are advertised locally or online. With our help, a significant percentage of course graduates find the perfect job for them shortly after completing their course (or even before in many cases).

Application Assistance

Once you have identified the jobs you wish to apply for, you will usually need to provide the employer with a CV or resume along with the application form. Many applications will also require a cover letter to accompany the application. If you require help with these or any other documents during the application process we will be glad to help. Our experience in the TESOL field means we know exactly what employers are looking for in an application and the small things you need to avoid. This inside knowledge can be the difference between your applications going to the top of the pile or going straight into the trash can.

Interviews and Contracts

In some cases, potential employers will also require their applicants to teach a trial lesson as part of the interview process. While this might seem a scary prospect at first, with our help you will arrive with a well thought through lesson plan and the right attitude and approach to really make yourself stand out from the competition. Finally, once you have sailed through the application and interview process, you will want to make sure that the contract you are offered contains all the right details to avoid any unforeseen complications in the future. While the vast majority of employers are fair and honest, with our experience you can avoid the small number of situations where teachers find their contracts are not all that they seemed when they signed them.

By completing a TESOL certification course with a well known and respected provider such as ITTT, you will have taken a huge step towards a new career as an ESL teacher. With our job assistance program you can also make sure that you have the pick of the very best job options in the countries and regions of your choice. And don’t forget! Our job assistance is available to every course graduate for as long as they remain an English language teacher, no matter where they are in the world.

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