TEFL Reviews

TESOL Certification Nara Japan
Unit 14 deals with the strengths and weaknesses between using authentic and created materials as well as looking at the same advantages of using course books and self created materials...
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TESOL Certification Narashino Japan
In this unit we learned about future tenses: future simple, future perfect, future continuous, future perfect continuous, going to future, and how we also use present tenses such as present simple and present continuous to express a future sentence...
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TESOL Certification Nishinomiya Japan
I have always had a small amount of knowledge of phrasal verbs but after taking the time to read this unit i have found that i have gathered very important information...
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TESOL Certification Nobeoka Japan
This unit teaches us the different cultural issues that one might want to be careful about when applying for a job in a foreign country...
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TESOL Certification Obihiro Japan
This unit is about the different types of equipment and teaching aids available for use inside and outside of the classroom and gives details on how they work, how they are useful and how to make better use of them for effective teaching and learning...
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TESOL Certification Okinawa Japan
This unit was a great review of different classroom situations that one may encounter and how to effectively handle each one...
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TESOL Certification Iwatsuki Japan
Although I feel I have rushed this unit I do believe I have an overall decent general idea about managing the classroom, and I found it interesting relating the seating arrangements to all of my previous learning career experiences such as primary school all the way to university, and the explanations provided me with a good perspective on descriptive ways a classroom environment is laid out...
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TESOL Certification Joetsu Japan
This unit presented useful information about how to warm students up to learning English, and how to deal with students who maybe reluctant to participate in class...
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