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H.M. - New Zealand said:
Role of the teacherThe teacher of the classroom plays an integral role in the learning of his/her students. This role stretches far beyond reading and reciting information to learners. Teachers must build a rapport with their students, motivate them, engage them, teach them new skills, ensure they are enjoying the class and make sure they are achieving the desired results. Rapport with your students. To build up rapport with your students you need to be kind and friendly, your students need to look at you as an approachable figure, someone they can trust and that will help them no matter what the query. Motivating your students. One of the key factors in ensuring you have a classroom of motivated students is to cater to their personal interests in the classroom material. Get to know your students, who they are, what they enjoy, and why they are in your classroom. It is also important that the classroom dynamics cater to ensuring motivation. Make sure you are in control of the classroom and focused on the material. Be passionate about what you are teaching your students. Classroom enjoyment. Another important factor is to try and make the lessons interesting for your students. This certainly includes catering to the interests of your students but also in the way you choose to teach the material. Fun and differing activities will help to ensure your students enjoy your lesson. Make sure you’re involving all of the students and making them feel comfortable at the level that is being taught and their own ability in it. Engage-Study-Activate – Achieving Results. The most important role for a teacher is to teach the material and get the results from the students. To do this effectively; in each lesson there should be three significant stages: Engage, Study, Activate. Through these three stages, you should cover the four different language skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Engaging your students involves the initial interest in the lesson, an activity to get the attention of your students, something that interests them, in a fun way. The study phase of the lesson is about the learning of material for the lesson. The students are now engaged in the lesson and topic, now they need to learn the material in the most effective way. In this stage of the lesson you need to ensure that the level is at that of the students, that they are challenged enough but feel confident in their ability to complete it. You also need to make sure that you are specific in making sure that you are staying on topic. You need to make sure that you are clear and concise in your explanations and examples so that the students are all on the same page as you and each other. The activate stage of the lesson is where you need to put the ‘study phase’ material into practice, through games and activities. This stage is to encourage talking. Group or pair work for these activities is a good way to maximize talking. Speaking in front of the class can be daunting for students. Through these three classroom stages of each lesson the teacher needs to ensure that the students are learning effectively in all areas of the language. Through all of the material taught; reading, writing, speaking and listening skills all need to be built up. Reading and comprehending material. Listening and comprehending material. Writing material and communicating as intended. Speaking to others and communicating as intended. There are good teachers and great teachers. To cover all of the steps that are outlined above shows a significantly effective and great teacher. The students in the classroom of the teacher that follow these guidelines can have the confidence that beyond their english course they will be well prepared for world of english that awaits them.