Accreditation Authorized TESOL

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H.O. - U.S.A. said:
Why complete a TEFL courseI have a strong desire to work and live in a foreign country, but I never thought of becoming an ESL Teacher until my parent has put that idea in my mind and suggested that I take a TESOL/TEFL course to become a teacher in a foreign country. I think that teaching english is challenging and rewarding, I have learned that obtaining a TESOL/tefl certification has many benefits such as traveling around the world, employment, potential money making and the ability to learn new language skills and techniques for teaching. A degree or TESOL/TEFL certificate is major criteria for teaching job abroad. TESOL/TEFL certification gives you the opportunity to work and live in another country and it is a widely recognized certification that will look encouraging in your CV to help you with job placement. Traveling to a different country gives you the chance to meet with other people of other cultures and learn from them. Salaries are very competitive and living is cheap so it is easy to save money. Once the course has been completed, an online tutor will help you with resume review and job search or even offer direction for advanced study. Many people want to improve their english language skills. This course help you increase language understanding in the rules of grammar, part of speech, to correctly form sentences, phonology and lesson planning. english grammar and its rules are the most challenging task students are facing. Learning grammar is the basis of communicating the english language among others. The course provides information to better understand english grammar and impact it to your students. It also offers explanation of part of speech such as verbs, nouns and adjectives. There are many activities with example sentences that are performed in class to help students to correctly form sentences. Phonetics is an important aspect of teaching english language, a detailed explanation of areas of phonology in the course to aid in students’ pronunciation and reception of sound. In order to be effective, teachers should consider pronunciation as an essential part of the course. The ability to learn new skills and techniques from the course prepares future teachers with different in class situations such as discipline maintaining patience, handling needs of young learners and dealing with large classroom. It is easy to maintain discipline in class with adults than with young learners. TEFL/TESOL course explain how to communicate effectively with students and avoid disruptive behaviors. Lesson planning is very necessary for teaching a lesson. The course provides different types of lesson plans and full details on how to use them to prepare for class. Inexperienced teachers might need detailed plans in order to produce efficient lessons and as they gain experience they might come to class with just short notes. During the course a knowledgeable and helpful online tutor will guide you through the course and provide you with feedback on completed assignment. In conclusion, completing the TESOL/TEFL course gives you the opportunity to work and live in another country, creates a beginning of a rewarding and potentially life changing experience and it reinforces the understanding of the english language and begins establishment for any teaching experience. From my personal perspective, I think the course content is excellent and very beneficiary.