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Z.N. – U.S.A. said:
I have learned quite a bit from this course! My first experience with ESL was in South Korea. My girlfriend and I moved to Seoul where she had taken a job as an english teacher at a private kindergarten. I came to the school and watched the classes unfold - and I was terrified. I had yet to earn my degree, so I could not work as a teacher at that point. I was glad! I had no idea what to do. Some months later, an unexpected situation led the school to ask me to cover another teacher's classes for a week. I was totally unprepared and I knew it, but I accepted anyway. The week was fun, but difficult and I felt like I was completely ineffective. Taking this course has reminded me of lots of the things I saw going on in that school. Several things just 'clicked' in my mind when I read them here and remember seeing the teachers doing something similar, particularly things from the units concerning teaching young learners! We are still in South Korea. My girlfriend is teaching at a new school now, and I will receive my B.A. this semester. So, I'll be looking for a teaching job soon. This class has increased my confidence in my ability to teach ESL in all situations tremendously. Before, I thought that I might be able to swing a business english course and not much else. Now, I think I might be able to take on just about anything.. and that's exactly what I am going to do!