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H.V. - U.S.A. said:
Why complete a TEFL courseThere are many reasons why you should complete a TEFL course. While it is possible to teach abroad having no training, this is simply not a good idea for the teacher, and potentially not beneficial for students. Completing a TEFL course provides teachers with not only all the knowledge they will need of the english language, but it is also a great resource to have to be able to use in the classroom. Here in America, it is no secret that the grammar we should know if not taught sufficiently enough in schools, and the grammar that is taught, is quickly forgotten for the most part. With a TEFL course, you are able to learn all of the grammar that should have been learned years ago and more. For those english fanatics, it is still a great way to review grammar and structure that will be used in teaching english as a Foreign Language. Beyond the grammar lessons and structure, TEFL courses offer far more. Learning what needs to be taught is only half of the battle, learning how to teach it is just as important. With a TEFL course, you are able to learn how to construct lesson plans, how to teach different levels of students, how to make the classroom fun, inviting and interesting, how to teach young students and older students, how to teach business students, how to plan worksheets, how to plan games, how to plan warmup activities and the list goes on and on. One of the most important lessons that comes with a TEFL course is learning how to construct a lesson plan and how to spend class time efficiently for both the student and teacher. Learning how to engage the students is extremely valuable, as is learning how to get students to complete worksheets and how to put what they have learned into action. With a TEFL course, you not only learn what to teach them during the study phase of a lesson, but you learn how to use what has been taught in a fun and effective way. Another important factor taught within TEFL courses is how to teach different levels of students and different ages, these are important things to know, as the lessons will be significantly different for different types of learners. If you were to go into the ESL teaching world without the knowledge that TEFL provides you with, how to teach the students would be a hard concept to grasp. Beyond what a TEFL course teaches you, it is the best resource you could possibly gain as a new teacher. With a plethora of examples, ideas and all of the grammar information needed, planning a lesson for students becomes almost a second nature with a TEFL course as a resource. With the completion of a TEFL course, new ESL teachers are given the confidence to be able to teach a class. As a guide and a resource, TEFL is the ideal way to get a foot in the door as a teacher abroad, helping its' certified teachers see the world and make a difference while doing so.