Achieving A TESOL

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

A.E. – Spain said:
From this course I have learned a lot about the english language, its structure and how to best present it to someone who has little or no knowledge of the language in a clear and simple way. This course has also shown me how to be more effective as a teacher and how to better prepare myself to be a more efficient teacher. The lesson plans and the many helpful advice sections, activities and possible difficulties throughout the course within the different units serve as a good source of material and as a good source of reference. The course has been very well structured giving an even balance of both the grammatical part of the english language but also on how to teach and the more social part of teaching english. I personally have also learned many new things about the english language that I did not know before, due to being a native speaker it is easy to often take for granted the fact that we speak english without really thinking about it and in fact know very little about its structure and the more technical part of the language. I also believe that all the help and guidance on how to teach different groups of students from beginners to students has been very helpful to me so that I can prepare myself and know more or less what to expect, the fact that this has been included in the course means that it won’t be so much of a shock, although not every class is the same, it is good to have some knowledge than none at all. I have enjoyed the course for its diverse topics and themes and have found the units very interesting reading, laid out in simple yet effective way it is not too difficult to understand the subject. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel more confident to impart my new knowledge of the english language with students.