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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

B.W. – Panama said:
Most individuals do not remember initially learning their first language. Memories of higher-level lessons may be present, but in general, as children, it is difficult to remember the format or reality of the learning process. Therefore, teaching the learning process to others comes through study and deep analysis of how to teach and learn a language. This TEFL course has been an excellent eye-opener for me as I understand the process of language learning, not only from the standpoint of grammatical and informational lessons, but in the actual method of teaching to facilitate the most effective learning possible. Not only have I been able to understand and recognize much more grammar combinations in daily language, but now I have more confidence in the presentation of such material. In my country of residence, there is a growing demand for english-speakers. Being offered a job teaching english three years ago, I now have the confidence to return to that school and apply for the position. Using their curriculum will help me have a good brace for the direction of the course, but having taken this course, I have a variety of activities and ideas that I can incorporate into it in order to enrich the learning productivity. The best progress that can be made from here on is not in study nor research, but applying myself in the position of the instructor of all I have already been taught.