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J.A. - India said:
Online Vs OnsiteBefore I start I would like to say that it’s been a great time, not only to get a TEFL certificate but to learn and know new teaching skills and techniques that I had not known before signing up for the TEFL course online, I did a lot of research online to find about what TEFL courses provided and which one to take TEFL or TESOL and found out the differences between the TEFL and TESOL weren’t that big a difference. I was in much of a hesitation to go ahead with an online course over the onsite TEFL courses, but after many conversation and research made with my friends, who knew about TEFL or have done teaching english in some sort, helped me gather information and found out which one would best suit my needs and my requirements first. So here is something that I found out before signing up for an online TEFL course. First, I decided what I wanted to do and then wrote down what my desires to pursue a career path in the future and what I wanted to do with it once I was done with the course. Then I asked my friends and family around, and did a research on the pros and cons on getting certified to teach english anywhere and came across different topics and discussions forums where others had their opinions and suggestions on taking a certified teaching course from a recognized source or institute. This then prompted me to find out more about a better offer for me in pursuing a course in TEFL, which latter led me to an online TEFL course which could suit me and be flexible to my given timing and schedule to complete online in a time span of six months. After some more researching and discussing with a friend we chose to go ahead and make use of our time at hand in finishing a course that would not only be recognized globally but also meet our needs and best suited our time and purpose. Online and onsite courses, there are no such marked differences between the two. But there are positive and negative sides of both these courses. 1. The online courses are much cheaper than onsite course. And no need to travel outside, which will save them the cost of traveling and staying. The candidates can easily do the course in the convenience of their home without disrupting their daily professional or personal commitments. 2. In the onsite course there is a three weeks or four weeks time period where as the online course can be done with the period of six months or much sooner. 3. The only benefit which the onsite trainee gets is that they get a chance to practice teaching as hands on experience. 4. The TEFL trainee gets the same certificate but being in a different place of learning and flexibility with time and money. 5. Non native english speakers do not have to travel a long distance and spend more in acquiring an internationally accredited TEFL course that they wish to get; this is one of the benefits of Online TEFL courses. 6. Whereas the onsite TEFL course give more exposure and meet their needs in learning with the teacher or the trainer face to face in the areas of concern and need. 7. It all comes to what need is and the place a trainee wishes to do the TEFL course from with the time and money he/she has in their hands. 8. According to me, with the time and money that I had, I choose to do mine Online with the same results that an Onsite would give. The same certificate and satisfaction of completing a TEFL course from an internationally accredited training institute.