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A.N. – U.S.A. said:
Although, it was the most challenging, I found the grammar sections extremely useful for me. It has been many years since I studied english grammar; it was a great refresher and helped me to understand better what I would be teaching. I will definitely use what I learned from the grammar sections and continue to use as a reference guide for explaining grammar to students. We often know whether something is grammatically correct or not, but we can’t always explain why. Having gone over grammar again, I can better explain conditionals, tenses, and modals. Learning how to make lesson plans as well as the many plans we had to make, was also invaluable as a first-time teacher. Having the practice, I felt more prepared to face a room full of students. Taking this course also gave me more confidence in my own abilities to take on a tefl job. Although, nothing will fully prepare you for the realities of the classroom, I at least felt confident and prepared with my lesson plans on my first day.