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K.W. - Spain said:
I have always had a natural understanding with words, spelling etc. I enjoyed The Daily Telegraph cryptic crossword for a number of years and have always enjoyed playing on words in conversation. This course has helped me to define the various parts of sentence construction and raise my awareness of the language. I plan to practice the techniques I have learned in the school where I work currently before applying for teaching positions in Madrid, Spain. Prior to semi-retirement in Spain I worked for over 20 years in Financial Markets in London as well as being a qualified Microsoft engineer and I hope to bring that experience to bear with potential business clients here. Also, I will offer english lessons along with football coaching on a private basis. Further forward, I would like to travel to the Middle East and SE Asia with my partner who teaches italian, and I see teaching english as a useful addition to my soccer coaching, web-design, IT and existing teaching skills in providing an income.