Combined TESOL Cities

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S.S. – U.S.A. said:
The things I have personally learned the most about from this course are the forms of grammar, how to create a stronger lesson plan and the importance of a structured approach to teaching vocabulary for the ESL student. I certainly had no idea there were 12 tenses of grammar and the information you gave us about the reasons for and the examples of common student mistakes will serve as a “go-to” unit, a resource that I can refer back to when I need more information about how to best help a student. I have become a stronger lesson plan writer through your course and am now able to blend what I knew with what I have learned in order to make a more concise plan. I have been trained every year (for years) in Learning Foundations and required to use it at school. That’s all I knew. Then, I took several SIOP workshops and realized that ESL students have particular vocabulary needs, not unlike EC students. From that, I learned how to add SIOP learning objectives to my Learning Foundations Lesson Plan. Your lesson plan format and continual tutoring has given me another dimension to add to my planning. I feel good about what I have learned and will merge all my information together so that I can support the students more fully. Lastly, the vocabulary information I have learned through this course further supports what I am currently doing in my Read 180/System 44 classes and validates my thinking that vocabulary is the basis from which all else comes. It is vital and must be taught in a structured, consistent manner.