Class Intensive TESOL

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

C.M. - Greece said:
I have genuinely benefited from this course in many ways. The course contains many solid teaching ideas and references to useful books and websites. It has made me more confident about planning lessons. The ESA model is really flexible. But it provides enough structure to make sure there is a clear focus to each lesson and ensures the teacher doesn’t forget to include free language practice between students. It has encouraged me not to rely on translation methods. In terms of classroom management I have been reminded not to make empty threats, or shout, in an effort to discipline children. I know (in theory) the best way to deal with young people, but it never hurts to have a few home truths pointed out. The introduction to different teaching theories was very interesting. As a result I have a broader outlook to possible teaching methods. The review of parts of speech and the tenses was great. I now feel confident that I can explain their use. Before the course I could not have confidently explained when each tense must be used, without referring to a reference book. I have never taught reported speech in a classroom, even though I have taught students at quite a high level. And without the explanations in this course (and the practice required to complete the worksheets) I am not sure that I would have been able to do so effectively. The grammar material in the latter half of the course was especially useful to me. It has highlighted important parts of the english language that I have previously ignored in the classroom, and provided me with a good foundation in english grammar. The course materials are in themselves a great reference material that I will use in the future. The worksheets have caused me to think very carefully about how I organize a class and use classroom materials. It was useful to learn about the various tests, such as TOEFL, that students may wish to work towards. And I feel I could now confidently plan a course with a decent balance between the four skills, even if I am not provided with a course book. In a one-to-one or business setting the needs assessment can be used to plan a course tailored to their needs. I have been encouraged to vary activities more in the classroom and not be afraid to undertake group work. I was previously nervous about possible lack of order in the classroom, but now understand that students need an opportunity to practice their language skills while the teacher takes a backseat. I have been greatly encouraged by my tutor’s comments. I tried very hard to absorb the material and complete the worksheets correctly, but it would have been difficult to proceed without positive feedback. Thank you; it was a very useful course. My TEFL certificate qualifies me to teach, so I can now apply for any teaching position with a qualification to back up my experience. (I am assuming a pass.) I will definitely continue to teach. Without a TEFL course my teaching abilities would remain at a less effective standard. I had not previously been exposed to such a dynamic way to organize lessons. In the past (without any formal teacher training) my lessons were based around the need for students to be able to repeat vocabulary items and structures in quite a formal way. I now see that if properly motivated students will use language spontaneously in the classroom in an effort to communicate with their peers. Thanks again.