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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

A.V. -Netherlands said:
This course has provided me with a solid introduction to the world of teaching english as a foreign language. Although I am not a native speaker and I've already taken many english classes to study the language, the course provided me with important knowledge about english grammar and phonology. These topics weren't new to me, but I had thus far only approached them from a student perspective. Looking at these matters from the point of view of a teacher opened up a new world for me. Understanding and applying them myself is something completely different from teaching these concepts to others. I found the units that specifically focused on teaching skills very useful. Although I already have some experience teaching english (and Dutch) abroad, units like the one about lesson planning provided me with a structured approach to teaching. Although I did try to create structured and well-balanced lessons before, in many cases I wasn't sure whether my approach was right, and I would improvise a lot. I think that the methods I learned in the TEFL course will improve the quality of my future english lessons a lot. I love to travel, and have already taught english in South-America and Asia. I will use the knowledge and skills I have obtained during future travel adventures. One plan is to travel the Silk Road by bicycle, and I would like to teach english along the way. I am currently working for an organization in the Netherlands that focuses on educating people about sustainable development, so I think I also can use certain aspects of the teaching methods for my current job.