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J.M. - UK said:
Games in the classroom
Games in the classroom offer so many different benefits to both students and teachers. Games can be used in every aspect of teaching a language. To start games can be used as a useful ice breaker between students, this not exactly related to teaching the language but still just as important. Anything from simply pairing students off and asking them to find out an interesting fact about each other. This will help students become more familiar with each other and make them more comfortable in the class room. It will also give the teacher valuable knowledge about the students which can then be used in later stages. This method can also give students confidence to be more relaxed and open up in the classroom as they are more familiar with their surroundings. Which in turn is a great advantage to the teacher as he or she does not have to worry about particular students being left out and falling behind. Games as a whole can be used at any point during a lesson, I found on this course that I tend to use them in the activate stage of a lesson as it is a nice way to round up a lesson. It is also fun and exciting and keeps the students attention. Keeping student’s attention is a major benefit to the teacher as the students take a lot more in when they are listening. When learning any language speaking it out loud and practicing pronunciation is essential, games make this an easy option as students would feel more comfortable and less pressured if they feel it is in a light hearted way. The different types of games that can be used vary to the type of work that you are doing, you can almost cater to the needs of a lesson with a game. So for example if you were teaching students on vocabulary, a game like a word search or gap fill exercise could to great effect as it gets the students concentrating and using their knowledge to find the correct answers. When it comes to oral exercises and students talking to each other I feel that role plays and pretend interviews are a great way for students to feel relaxed and join in. The white bored also comes in handy in this sort of exercise as you can write various words on the bored and ask students to come up and draw an image next to word as to what they think it is. So to some up educational games are very important in the classroom, no matter what the age of the students. There are a variety of reasons for this, including the following. They can be useful to students who have trouble focusing during lectures. The truth of it is that many students feel that lessons can become boring if there is too much theory. They may lose interest to what the teacher is saying. If they are reading a course book they may re-read the same information repeatedly and still not really know what it said. For many students with a short attention span, games in the classroom can be very useful. They may be fun for the student to play as they may pay more attention to them. A good educational game will teach at the same time that it entertains. The students may also find it to be an easier way to learn. When students find something easier to learn due to a technique this should be used as much as possible to gain maximum effect, obviously games cannot be used all of the time as there are some aspects that games wouldn’t be suitable for.