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J.U. - Korea said:
Role of the teacherTeacher does important roles with a responsibility. Because of these characteristics, the problems of teachers come up and issue. This paper shows what the most difficult thing about being a Korean english teacher based on english teacher’s opinions, and provides the five important role of english teacher in Korea. english Teacher’s Opinion in Korea First Opinion: I just asked my co-teacher and she feels her lack of english speaking skills makes it very difficult for her to teach the language. She also finds it very difficult to deal with native speakers who don't speak Korean, it's massively frustrating for her. Her biggest problem with the NETS is that they aren't trained teachers and she feels like she's working with unprofessionals who have no teaching skills. Second Opinion: I think one of the difficulties is motivating students to try to speak english as much as possible since most of the explaining is done in Korean. Also, if the teacher is a bit hesitant to speak in english, it can make lessons more difficult which can lead to a vicious circle of decreasing self-confidence. I asked one of my co-teachers about this. "As a Korean english teacher myself, being faced with lots of extra work is the most difficult part since Korea is focusing too much on english. Every new study or project from government starts with english. It means there are lots of things for new(or young) english teachers to do. It consequently leads to lack of confidence in english for english teachers because there isn't enough time to improve ourselves and do administrative things. For me, that's the most regretful part of being english teacher." Above two opinions are from WAYGOOK.ORG Forum. These two teachers are actually english teacher working in korea. Based on these opinions, Korean english Teacher roles are little different compared to other countries english teachers. There are generally five important roles for Korean english teacher such as manager/controller, assessor, organizer, resource/facilitator, and model. As a manager/controller, this involves assuming a leadership position in the class, where all of the students’ attention is drawn to the teacher. The teacher plays a very active role here, which is important if the teacher wants to directly impart knowledge to students, for example when introducing a new grammar point. As an assessor, the teacher evaluates the abilities of the students with regards to their achievement in class and their learning progress. This is very important because students need feedback not only for the sake of knowing their abilities, but also because it gives motivation for them to put in effort to study, knowing that they will be evaluated. As an organizer, the teacher gives structure to the lesson by initiating and stopping activities, and giving instructions for class. This is especially important because a group of students without an organizer will tend to lose focus, get distracted, and either not complete their tasks or do them in an inadequate fashion. As a resource/facilitator, the teacher makes himself available to the students to answer questions during assignments or class activities. Also, the teacher may intervene during class activities to ensure they proceed smoothly. This is important to make sure students are not lost and that the objectives the activities are met. As a model, the teacher behaves and speaks in a way that reflects an individual who is fully capable of speaking english fluently. Since both the teacher’s language and behavior are closely watched by students, it is essential for the teacher to set a good example. Who is the teacher? Teacher is learner. These days, teacher and student’s roles become fluid. Both must constantly learn and make an effort. The main difference between teacher and learner is teacher helps the leaners to the right way and guide for learners. People want a teacher, who has a great skill, and people compare and choose a teacher based on the teacher’s career and history. Above opinions and the rolls provided, these will be constantly considered in the teacher’s future. Worked Cited “Topic: What is the most difficult thing about being a KOREAN english teacher?” WAYGOOK.ORG. 12 May 2011.