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K. C. - South Korea said:
english as a global LanguageI come from South Africa where there are 11 Official Languages, but I come from an Afrikaans background and I was raised by an Afrikaans Mother. Being raised Afrikaans is slightly different to being raised english. My mother new how important it was going to be for my future to rather raise me predominantly english and put me in an english School. I thank her for doing this because I am Bilingual and because I can speak english fluently and well, I am able to travel the world more easily. I got into a good University, received a degree and was able to get good jobs. This is just one example of how important english is and how it became global for me. When one travels you realise how important it is to be able to speak a language that you hope some one else can speak, but I am not so lucky to be able to speak every language of every country I visit. So I think that english is a way to link people and countries and different cultures together. It is a way of finding some sort of common ground. I have been living in South Korea for almost 2 years now and it isn’t easy to communicate daily with the Koreans as they cannot speak english at all or very well. Going to the doctor or trying to find a shop is difficult and that is why the government has spent millions possibly billions just on english and bringing in Foreign teachers. They want their country’s tourism to increase because at the moment not many foreigners come into their country to travel but rather only the teachers living here travel their country. Experiencing it first hand makes me realise how important it is to speak english. I tell my students every day that it is so important for their future. Most of my students don’t want to travel or leave South Korea, but I try to explain to them that you don’t only need english to Travel. You will need it one day to get a good job, to be at an advantage over some one else getting a specific job. South Korea trades with many international companies and because Korea is one of biggest producer of cars, televisions and other electronics speaking english will be very important to them one day. Speaking english is important but being able to read it is just as important. The world has become so small with social networking and famous books and movies don’t just stay in America but travel to other parts of the world too. Nowadays books and movies can be translated to other languages but this is not always the case. So being able to read or understand what you are reading is important too if you want to feel a part of what is going on in the world. Facebook and twitter is the biggest thing in the world at the moment and not being able to communicate on there might make some feel not apart of this small world. I don’t agree with this but some do. Every country has it own famous movie stars, composers, authors, Scientists, Entrepreneurs and of course presidents. Almost all of them will be able to speak english. The reason for this is that they want to become international stars or just being able to communicate to international journalists. If you look at many different aspects of the world, in some or other way the word english will come up. It is a way to join our small world together, and therefore english is a global Language.