Gaining TESOL Certificate

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S.T. - Korea said:
I think the most important thing that I have learned in this course is the lesson planning materials. I usually don’t use a lesson plan much, just a few notes to keep me on task. My job at the moment uses course books and I have to stick to them most of the time. So, it was a challenge for me to think up ideas for the Engage and Activities stages. But, I feel more confident and informed with all the great information this course has provided. Also, it was good for me to review the grammar lessons again. Sometimes I forget the structures, because I just speak and listen to what sounds right. And seeing how my speech sounds differently to the listener than it does to me was a good reminder to be careful. (I am going to …. I’m gonna) Thank you Peter for your extra comments and notes. Thank you ITTT for preparing this course that I am sure will improve my skills as an english teacher.