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K.M. - U.S.A. said:
Building Confidence in StudentsBuilding confidence in your students is one of the most important things when you are a teacher. Whether your students are young or old, or beginners or advanced, they all need the same encouragement, so they can learn the language effectively. There are several different activities in the classroom that can help boost motivation, and to let the students know that learning is fun, and not just hard work. By showing the students that learning is fun, you are guiding them in the right direction, and they will feel more at ease. Also, by identifying what level certain students are at, you will be able to give them work more suited to their knowledge of the language, and that will give them the confidence they need. When students are learning at the pace and knowledge level that is best suited to them, they then learn that learning can be fun and easy instead of stressful. Also, you must always understand each students personal needs, so that you can address them and make the student feel comfortable in the classroom. Learning a new language is difficult and frustrating at times, but the students have to feel comfortable in order to be confident. Also, students might get discouraged if they get called on and don’t know the answer, or if a student makes a mean comment towards another student. If that happens in the classroom it’s important to address it immediately. I believe it’s very important to reward students for good work that they do, because they will want to learn and do better in order to be recognized, and that will push them to do their best. I think that students gain confidence through being recognized just like any of us do. It’s also important to reward the shy students who don’t want to speak because they are nervous they will screw up, because rewarding them or just acknowledging them will make them feel good, and want to do better. There are always going to be students in the classroom who think they are the best, and will let everyone know it, but you must give everyone a chance to answer questions and give them a moment to shine. I used to be quiet in school because I would not feel confident in speaking up, but I learned that it’s not going to hurt you to try, it might hurt you if you don’t. I think that when students are put into groups to do activities it gives them more confidence than doing something individually, because in groups they can help each other. If students are forced to work alone, they will feel frustrated and alone, and probably embarrassed to ask questions, but in groups the students can learn from each other and gain knowledge from the activity better. I always have learned better in groups because you are not only working with one mind, but others as well! It’s also great to do group work because everyone will have something assigned to them and will feel important when presenting at the end. Overall, I think that building confidence in your students is important and should constantly be addressed in order for your students to feel comfortable learning english, and want to do better for themselves. If they have great self-esteem from kind words, their confidence level will be much higher, and will make for a fun learning environment!