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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

K.A. - Canada said:
I have learned quite a bit and have gained a large amount from this course. The first thing I gained was a deeper understanding of english grammar. Everything I knew on a passive basis, and couldn’t put a name on, I learned from a more actively. This gave me the ability to teach grammar more concretely, and gave me a vocabulary about english grammar that will be essential in teaching english. I also gained an understanding on how to teach. It taught me how to recognize certain levels of english, how to create a plan for my lessons, and how to deliver those lessons effectively. It also taught me some of the challenges I might encounter, and ways to get around it. All those things have given me a greater confidence in being able to teach, as well as excitement for the future teaching english, instead of a sense of uncertainty. I have already put some of this into effect. I have created a series of free lessons for a friend who has tried unsuccessfully for a few years, in a normal classroom environment, to learn english. We have actually done more progress together then they have done in all those years in the classroom. I have also applied for the “JET programme”, a japanese teaching program where people from english speaking countries go to japanese elementary and high schools and act as assistant english teachers. A TEFL certificate is not required, but it gave me greater confidence during the application and interview process that I could do the job. I will further put what I have learned into effect though, trying to work teaching english, applying for positions until I get a job, and until that time, teaching english to friends that don’t know english, to become better, and to be able to teach further.