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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

R.H. – South Korea said:
From the previous 19 units and over the duration of this course I have been enlightened to many aspects of teaching and english grammar that I had either forgot or didn’t know quite how to teach. For example to teach students how to understand present, past and future tenses are neither easy nor enjoyable to teach. However the course gave concise points that I was able to understand and use in my classes. Many of the grammatical topics can be difficult for the students to understand, and they can be difficult for the teacher to make the class enjoyable and fun whilst understanding the topic. But the course gave me some insightful methods to use that I didn’t think of previously. The course also was a good reminded to me of some of the grammatical terms I have either forgotten or was unaware of. Especially with regards to the unit about teaching phonics and such, as a native english speaker I guess I took my language for granted rather than understand how to correctly use it and understand it. So that unit alone was both difficult and useful towards improving my abilities as a teacher. I also think that the course has helped me with regards to thinking out and planning my lessons. In many cases I have been sat at a desk with a blank mind of what to teach and how to incorporate the topic with fun activities. I think this course gave me some great games to use which are simple yet fun. As I have been teaching elementary school children in Korea for one year now, there came a point when I wanted to stop being the talking puppet I was being made to be. I also wanted the kids to actually improve their english speaking, reading and writing abilities. Hence this was the crux of my reason to study this course. Overall I think that the course has given me some pointers on how to be a better teacher. It has also made lesson planning much easier. I always felt my lesson plans were like stories when I wrote them out, however, now they are getting shorter and more to the point. So for that reason the course has also helped me more. And I also think that doing the course has given me simple reminders about grammar and how to teach grammar more efficiently and effectively. So they are the main reasons, I, think that the course has helped me more than prior to doing this course.