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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

N.M. – Bulgaria said:
There are numerous valuable things I gained from this course. First, I knew that several teaching methods had exerted an outstanding influence on current TEFL practices. Based on my understanding of the course units, I think that Grammar-translation; Presentation, Practice and Production; Communicative Language Teaching and Task-Based Learning have a significant impact on teaching english as a foreign language and are still going strong. Composition of lesson plans has also an important role in the whole language instruction process. I would conduct a lesson in a way which allows the students study effectively. I would use it as a reference guide in accordance with the flexibility required for the time and activities. Particular needs of the class should also be considered here. Reaching substantial teacher’s and student’s goals, conducting revision of the lesson contents and incorporating variety and balance are also one of the main reasons contributing to the importance of the lesson planning. It’s quite useful to know about the choice of topic and its big importance in several directions: - it should be precisely selected in relation to the interests of the great mass of students. - finding a well-balanced desicion related to the usage of variety of attractive topics over a period of time. I would normally stimulate and keep high level of motivation and active participation of all the students in class activities and assignments. In this way they will be more engaged and active in reading and listening whether or not they have interest in the type of topic. Engage phase activities such as debate on particular topics or picture demonstrations may be also applied. I acquired valuable knowledge experience upon the ways to encourage students to speak and interact during a lesson. Learners will be enabled more appropriate speaking conditions and wish for communicating effectively with each other by using group-work and pair-work activities. A lot of students tend to talk more smoothly under the conditions of similar way of encouragement. I gained theoretical knowledge upon the ways that a teacher can generate interest in a topic. The following ideas may be applied in my future practice: 1. Create lesson structure for proper correspondence to the student age and social group or educational and professional affiliation. If the audience is represented by young learners (pupils), the lesson structure should be created in relation to teaching methods used at their school. 2. Student interest should be aroused in a proper way by using appropriate visual aids (CD, videos, cartoon pictures, photos, mime activities) and particular TEFL consistent methods. I knew a great deal information on the advantages and disadvantages of authentic and created materials and their benefits for the class members. I would favour the usage of authentic materials for a class of mid- and high level students as they will be more motivated in the classroom when they perceive real english language matter as they have already laid the foundations of mid-level knowledge by using creative materials. My students would be more self-confident in their english knowledge by good comprehending the authentic materials. I gained knowledge on the reasons the teacher needs to evaluate the students’ english. Evaluation of the students’ english is an important part of the teaching process. I would successfully verify how well members of class keep their performance and achievements and to understand if there are any difficulties concerning the useful comprehension and the proper assimilation of the particular language matter that has been taught in class. I would strenuously prepare my students for meeting properly any possible job requirements or further educational purposes by applying language consistency and regular revisions on the current course matter as it’s indicated in TEFL instructions. I also gained invaluable things I would observe in my work practice. I would provide practical support and individual assistance by offering extra information sources and tips for language progress. Creating a pleasant working environment and steady teacher-learner relationships would also be one of my choices for good teaching.