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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

J. G. - France said:
I have gained enormous knowledge of teaching skills from this course and also self-assurance and confidence. When I began the course I must say that I was quite surprised by the pedagogical side of it as I had imagined that the course would include more of the english language. As I’m english myself, I thought it would just be revising more or less what I had learnt at school many years ago!! It was explained in one of the units that the course only covered a certain amount of grammar and that it would take 4 years of full time work to cover absolutely everything so I think a teacher will obviously learn (and remember) as he teaches. I was quite surprised by the pedagogical side and also all the different preparations for lessons. Years ago, I taught english in another European country following a training from that specific school. There was a course book and a teacher’s book and I got along with that. Taking the TEFL course, I have really opened my eyes on all the different aspects there are of teaching. There is such a variety of teaching skills that I have been able to learn. I know that I shall keep the course for reference when planning my future lessons (if I manage to get the certificate). It has covered a great deal and has given me lots of information that I would never have thought of, for example, how to act in the classroom and my approach with students. This is a part of teaching so very important and the first approach too. I really enjoyed following the course and I think the one thing I apprehended was the lesson planning as I had never done this before, but as the course continued it became easier and you can see how important it is to plan your lessons. Also it was really comforting to have a tutor as his comments and remarks were valuable for me as well as his tips and ideas and he helped me gain confidence in myself. I had thought about taking this course a year or so ago when a friend of mine did. She actually got her Tefl certificate and is currently teaching at a Montessori school (thanks to the Tefl certificate) here in Paris. I finally found the time to follow the course and in the meantime the company where I was working full-time has had to close down due to the crisis here in Europe so it was the good time to follow the course!! If I get my certificate, I plan to go to the associations there are in my area to see if it’s possible to give english lessons. I’ll also write to the elementary schools and colleges and leave my personal details to see if I could be needed. Also there are a great number of private schools in Paris and there is always a great demand for english teachers.