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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

C.B. & S.M. - Spain said:
The most relevant teaching we have already learnt from completing this course is undoubtedly its emphasis on ever encouraging, challenging and supporting students throughout their learning process. The EFL Teaching method will help us design more dynamic and interactive lessons, what will undoubtedly increase the confidence level in our students, who will become more and more independent. In our opinion, an important issue to consider and put it into action when panning our lessons is getting to know how to choose the topic areas and authentic materials carefully, what will result in students’ motivation and interest. The TEFL course has also provided us with useful suggestions for setting up tasks and additional activities as well as the right way in which they should better be conducted in the classroom. From now on, we’ll try to involve students working together and promote their interaction by means of games and imaginative activities whenever possible. Another relevant teaching we’ve got from this course is ever consolidating what we’ve taught by including additional integrated progress tasks in our lessons as well as elicitation to help students recall something that they’ve learnt before and may not have used for some time. We’ll also remember to ask students for feedback, encouraging them to give spoken comments, answers or opinions after doing a classroom task and in this way we’ll be aware of whether or not they’ve understood particular topics and go over areas of difficulty, if necessary. We’ve also gained perspective as to why students make certain errors with speech and learnt appropriate ways to correct them. To sum up, this course has been a huge learning experience for us. Although we must still improve greatly at teaching, we feel that we have the foundation required to start building…