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J.G. – U.S.A. said:
In Unit 5 we learn how to introduce and teach new language. There are three parts of language the unit focused on: vocabulary, grammatical structure and language functions. The section on teaching vocabulary introduced how the difficulty of learning vocabulary depends on a number of factors, for instance, the similarity to English words already known. Also, in the vocabulary section is how to select vocabulary to teach and what students need to understand about vocabulary that is introduced, including meaning and use. Finally, the section describes examples of how to Engage, Study and Activate with the students. In the section about introducing grammatical structures it lists what the student needs to know in order to successfully understand grammatical structures introduced, including meaning, forms and patterns. Also, similar to the section on vocabulary, it gives examples of how to Engage, Study and Activate with the children. Lastly, this Unit discusses teaching language functions. Language functions include areas like inviting, agreeing and disagreeing, suggesting, etc. The section gives an example of a boomerang type lesson including Engage, Study and Activate.