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G.F. - U.S.A. said:
this unit centres on the materials that can be used in the classroom to ease the teachers job and the understanding of the students. Common materials which are being used are cassettes, CDs and DVDs, computers, visual aids, flashcards, and course books. I will like to elaborate on course books.this has to do with books written and published by other people who can help the students in the subject. Course books are good because they are always well graded and tested and fit the students to use. They are also save time and reduces the teachers work load. Sometimes it could be detrimental using course books because they are being made for a general purpose and not just for the students in the classroom.They could also be predictable because the students will already know what the teacher has to teach so it will make the class boring. Also when choosing course books the teacher should take certain aspects into consideration such as the price, the availability of the books, the difficulty and the teachers guide. There are certain materials the teacher could use such as the authentic and created materials. the authentic materials could be any article in the newspapers, television, radio, menus and all what we can see. Created materials are those made by the teacher to help in the classroom.