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S.D. - Canada said:
In this lesson I was introduced to the most popular teaching methodologies, their similarities and their differences. I also learned that there is no consensus among the teaching community as to which methodology, if any, is superior. However, there are a few things that most people agree is important when teaching English as a second language. These include, students being around English as much as possible, students need a certain amount of input from their teacher, learning is enhanced when students are relaxed and enjoying themselves, and that students should be encouraged to discover language for themselves. In addition, I learned that ESA (engage, study, activate) is the methodology we will be using throughout this course. Following that, I was given many examples of games and ideas to implement in each one of the three phases. I also learned about the importance of giving corrections and the careful guide about how and when to do so; along with what good feedback sounds like. Lastly, I read about the tips and tricks for lesson planning as well as lesson execution in the classroom.