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Student evaluation is key prior to the start of a class (placement test or diagnostic test) as well as during the course on the work covered (progress test). This is to inform students and teachers of the student do and don't know. There is also an achievement test, which is usually taken as the end of the year in order to see how much the student has improved over the course. Other tests include external tests offered by major language organisations as well as proficiency tests to grade a student's language ability.This unit was considered the second pair of basic and extremely important skills - speaking and writing. I reviewed approaches to supply of material (such as accuracy and fluency), the main differences between them, features, and usage examples. Also filed examples of encouraging students and their motivation during practice these two major skills, which were filed in this unit. How to inspire students to speaking and writing, techniques of encouraging, etc. Also there were an example of ESA lesson for both purposes.