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M.H. – U.S. said:
In this unit,lesson planning have different ways of planning ,depending on the teacher.some teachers make notes,some just jot down points or make a full lesson plan ,this depends on the teacher. In this unit, we look at the important of lesson planning, for Example,lesson planning help teacher as an aid to planing, as a working document and as a record . more so,we should also know how a lesson plan is written and its basic principles,how a lesson plan is organize and what should be included in the lesson plan .The below paragraph shows us what should be included in a lesson plan. Learning objectives,personal aim, theme,teaching aids,anticipated problem for the teacher, anticipated problem for students,procedure,phase,timing,number of students,date and time. Adding to that we should not forget how a teacher can monitor his or her lesson plan and how to plan a sequence of lesson. lastly,we should not forget the grammar part on ,the present perfect simple tenses(experiences). on this unit,i have learned on how to make a lesson plan,knowing the importance of lesson planning and what is needed in a lesson plan for it to be flexible.