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This had been by far the most complicated unit thus far. Most information here was new to me. Phonology is basically the science , study, analysis of the physical properties of sound. Intonation is the changes in volume and pitch of a sentence and can convey meaning such as surprise, disagreement, can signify whether a person has completed what was needed to be said or expects a response. Stress involves individual words and has 2 basic rules: One word has only 1 stress area but may have a delicate secondary stress and we can only stress syllables but not individual letters. Sound can be joined by linking, sound dropping, sound changing and extra lettering. Articulation in carried out by the speech organs such as tongue, larynx, glottis, soft & hard palates, alveolar ridge. There are different sounds created when we articulate and they include: plosives, fricatives, nasal, lateral and combinations of 2 types such as the plosive and fricative to form affricate.