TESOL Al Hasakeh

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L.V. – U.S. said:
Lesson materials can include course books, authentic materials, and created materials. Authentic materials: Materials read or heard by native speakers e.g. magazines, songs, brochures. Real materials are interesting and motivating. Materials about students? interests can also be found. The disadvantage is that they are not necessarily suited to the students? level so they need to be selected carefully. Created materials: These replace or supplement course books. They can be graded to students? ability. Examples include: crosswords, word search, role-play cards, flashcards, gap fill activities, picture stories. Course books provide a syllabus which is graded to a suitable level for student, and offers continuity and progression. They can also offer good ideas for inexperienced teachers. However, they do not always fit the needs and interests of the class. Following the course book may reduce creativity in the class. The best ways to use the course book include being critical, exploring ways to match the book to the needs of the class and thinking about which items will motivate students.