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J.W. - Spain said:
This unit contains the rules and structures of conditionals and reported speech, as well as some teaching ideas that can be used to practice them in class. Conditionals are sentences containing words like if/when, referring to past/present and future possibilities. These words are the conditions and the second parts of the sentence contains the result if the conditions would be met/completed. Reported speech is used when someone is repeating what another person said, without exactly quoting/repeating the same words the person said. In this reported speach the verb tenses, pronouns, time expressions and questions are open to change depending on the spoken sentence. Because there are so many changes it can pose a lot of difficulties for students to understand and learn these changes. There are different ways for different levels to teach and practice these topics through role-play activities, interviews and \"reporting\" activities for practicing \"reported speech\". For practising conditionals you can initiate activities and games through hypothetical situations, predictions, completing conditionals and other methods related to conditions and results. In this unit I learned about the changes that apply in reported speech , aswell as the different types of conditionals and teaching ideas that can be used to practice them in class.