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E.H. - France said:
I found this unit to be informative and it stressed the importance of being organised. If a teacher is not organised, it is very difficult to maintain control of the students and their overall progression. It is a responsibility of a teacher to have every material and resource to hand before the lesson commences, be prepped for the lesson they are about to deliver, and have a contingency plan in the event things go awry for any reason. I found the information to be parallel to the lesson planning in Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and I was able to draw on this previous knowledge and adapt it to this Unit. It is important each lesson has structure and meaning. A student needs to know the reason for their learning and where such learning will lead them. This is where a sequential learning plan would come into play, having a student?s goals in mind and an overall plan to develop their knowledge and skill in the English language, rather than just concentrating on random learning areas. By having a plan and tracking progress, a student is more likely to be encouraged to continue and develop further, having the confidence to step outside their comfort zone and believe in themselves that they can succeed and achieve.