TESOL Aligarh

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J.A. - Uganda said:
The two different kinds of teaching were demonstrated - one less effective than the other. in the first video the teacher did not introduce himself and he also did not show much caring about the students´names - he did not bother about trying to remember them. He also did not explain the new language point for them, stating that it is a well too easy, so they should already have some knowledge of it, at least. This put them off a lot and it was not a good start in order to create a friendly open relationship between them and their teacher. This might as well affect all the future classes. They felt intimidated and we cannot even talk about their motivation here. In the second teaching model, the lesson started off quite differently. The first difference that struck me right after the different attitude and smile of the teacher, was the engage phase. It started with a familiar topic for the students and in this way it got them talking. The teacher himself was talking a way less than in the first video and he used various teaching aids- pictures, drawing, gestures and even mimed crawling animal. He spoke in a clear, slowlier voice and tried to engage all of the students, not just those who spoke up. The change of attitude made a huge difference in the class and in the level the students actively participated.